SV650 ECU Decoder Part 5: They’re here!

Part 1 is here.
Part 2 is here.
Part 3 is here.
Part 4 is here.

So I got the new boards back from OSH Park:
Front of Board

Back of Board

The boards look really good. I’m waiting on some parts to show up from Mouser, but was able to mostly populate the board with all the parts. The nylon standoff under the LED display really provides a lot of strength and stability, only issue being that it’s just a millimeter or so too long, but nothing that my grinder can’t easily fix.

Front of Populated Board

Back of Populated Board

Really looking forward to testing on Saturday in the shop and then hopefully on Monday for my first track day of the season at Thunderhill!

Update: The board works great! We’ve even had a few situations where the error codes from the unit has helped debug problems with the bike. Right now my only complaint is that the green LED I selected for the neutral light has a very narrow viewing angle and hence is hard to see, especially during the day. Other then that, it works great!

4 thoughts on “SV650 ECU Decoder Part 5: They’re here!

  1. Hi! I installed the 2 gen speedometer on my 1 gen SV. And i want to realise temperature gauge function. I m good programmer for uContr. Just say, what kind of messages ECU send to gauge ? Thank you!

    • On more recent generation boards using the LM7805 I did exactly that but it still ran too hot. Later I ended up switching to the Murata OKI-78SR switching power regulator which does not have a tab to solder to, but runs much cooler.

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