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Ever since 9/11, the US Government has tried a lot of things to make us more secure. They’ve passed the Patriot Act, created numerous new government agencies like the TSA and DHS, started to secretly spy on americans and of course invaded and occupied Iraq- a country which had nothing to do with anything of this.

Of course, most everything the government has done has been a complete fiasco and hasn’t made us anymore secure. Rather then spending money and time making our borders more secure, we’ve spent a great deal on security theater- things which really do nothing to improve our security.

So, I’ve decided to track the results of our governments actions- how our policies, laws and regulations effect ordinary Americans at home and abroad.


fragroute + tcprewrite == tcprewrite

Well this weekend was full of football and since my 49ers are out of the running (and likely for next year as well) I’ve regressed into a Packer fan. Hard not to with Brett Favre running the show. Anyways, while watching the Pack kill the Seagulls err… Seahawks, and the other games over the weekend, I made some serious progress on merging tcprewrite and fragroute. Continue reading


Must move on…

Well once again my wife and I tried to work out a deal for “the albatross house” (as my Realtor likes to call it) in the mountains with its owners. It’s been about six months since we last placed an offer on it and the owners had lowered their asking price to $35K below our last offer. You’d be forgiven to think that makes it a no-brainer for us to offer the asking price and be done with it. Unfortunately, the housing market has suffered quite a bit in the last 6 months and the last time we looked at the house, we were blown away by all the positives that we tended to overlook the problems.
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