Round 3 Race Report

Just got back from a great round 3 at Sears Point. My buddy Eric joined me again which was great since he could help me with any bike issues and he’s a great sounding board for working through my challenges out on track.

After having such a difficult first racing experience the last round, I came in with some simple goals:

  • Ride the bike more then wrenching on it
  • Improve my lap times
  • Don’t finish last!

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Tweets for 2009-05-06

  • Just added experimental DLT_JUNIPER_ETHER decoding support to tcprewrite: http://bit.ly/15RCwS #
  • claiming that waterboarding isn’t torture is #totalbs
    http://bit.ly/hfRIH #
  • On a more cheerful note, I just received my Novice competition license from the AFM. Not crashing has benefits! :) #
  • with all the “unsubscribe” messages lately going to mailing lists I’ve considered creating a wall of shame 4 people who can’t figure it out #
  • Horrible call by the refs. The NHL really needs to rethink the I-cant-see-the-puck/whistle rule #

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