Almost there

So after about 3 days of work, the new server (Malbec, which continues my naming convention of alcohol) is now running almost all of the services for my domains. As mentioned before, the new box is very noticeably faster, which was the main goal. It’s most noticeable for the database backed web services which was in some cases too painful to use. Continue reading


New server time…

The current server (1.25Ghz G4 MacMini w/ 1GB of RAM) running all of synfin.net is showing it’s age and limitations, so I’ve bought a new one (2Ghz Core2Duo MacMini w/ 2GB of RAM). Definitely a lot faster, so I’m pretty stoked.

Of course this means that there will be intermittent service over the next few days as services are migrated over and tested. So please bear with me.


Tcpreplay 3.2.2 released

Not a big release, but it does fix a bug preventing Debian from picking up the latest code and also takes advantage of a bug fix introduced in OS X Leopard. Basically, under OS X prior to 10.5, you could not forge the source MAC address AND send a full sized ethernet frame. There was a bug which limited you to 1486 instead of 1500 bytes.

UPDATE: Crap, major bug in 3.2.2 breaks Linux and all other platforms which don’t have BPF devices. 3.2.3 will be available soon.