Did you bother to test this?

My feedback to Apple regarding Mail.app in Lion:

Seriously, wtf? How could you not notice:

1. Emails I delete from the inbox come back after a few minutes. I’ve deleted the same messages 4 or 5 times now from my inbox. I guess you figured my delete key doesn’t get enough use already?

2. Still haven’t fixed the Snow Leopard/Exchange issue where Mail.app stops downloading emails after some random period of time requiring me to restart Mail.app. The good news is I can really tell my boss I didn’t see that important email! Thank you for being my excuse!

3. Can’t quit Mail.app. Yes, it just hangs every time. Have to Force Kill it. This is great since I’m restarting Mail.app 3-5 times a day due to #2.

4. When it starts back up, it often presents me with a random email I recently sent acting like I didn’t actually send it. It’s in my Sent Mail folder… did you send it or not? It’s a mystery! We all like mysteries right?

5. How many times do I have to read an email before you mark it read? You seem to have chosen to use a random number generator for that. I guess this was designed to mess with people with alzheimer’s or something?

Outlook and Thunderbird are looking really good right now.