It’s how you finish that matters

This being my very first year racing, I started this year with a simple goal- finish in the top 50% in 650 Production. I honestly didn’t know how realistic that would be- how many people would run in the class and how fast would they be? The good news was that after 6 rounds, I had points in 3 races (two DNS’s due to mechanicals and skipping the first round at Buttonwillow) which put me in the top 50% and with a two point lead for top novice in class. The bad news was that my motor was toast and I didn’t have the money/time to fix it before the last round. Continue reading


Baby Steps

Another AFM round down, 3 more to go. I’m happy to report I came out relatively unscathed (a poked thumb and burnt finger due to playing unsafely with safety wire (oh the irony) and my left big toe hurts like hell from banging in my down shifts… time to finally get new boots I think. My muscles ache from not going to the gym in months, but my back which has been giving me problems lately feels great. With the important stuff out of the way, here’s how things went: Continue reading


Cry babies

So on monday, Apple announced the newest version of the iPhone, the 3GS. Personally, I’m pretty excited about the new iPhone and looks to be a worthy successor to my current iPhone (no 3G for me). But many current iPhone 3G owners are up in arms that AT&T isn’t going to allow them to upgrade their phone for the reduced (subsidized) price of $199 like new customers or those customers who aren’t already at the end of their 2 year contract. Continue reading


Round 3 Race Report

Just got back from a great round 3 at Sears Point. My buddy Eric joined me again which was great since he could help me with any bike issues and he’s a great sounding board for working through my challenges out on track.

After having such a difficult first racing experience the last round, I came in with some simple goals:

  • Ride the bike more then wrenching on it
  • Improve my lap times
  • Don’t finish last!

Continue reading


Tweets for 2009-05-06

  • Just added experimental DLT_JUNIPER_ETHER decoding support to tcprewrite: http://bit.ly/15RCwS #
  • claiming that waterboarding isn’t torture is #totalbs
    http://bit.ly/hfRIH #
  • On a more cheerful note, I just received my Novice competition license from the AFM. Not crashing has benefits! :) #
  • with all the “unsubscribe” messages lately going to mailing lists I’ve considered creating a wall of shame 4 people who can’t figure it out #
  • Horrible call by the refs. The NHL really needs to rethink the I-cant-see-the-puck/whistle rule #

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