Reinventing the wheel…

So I’ve been working on the bits and bytes of SSL a lot lately which has required me to look at the OpenSSL code. Long story short, it’s not the prettiest code I’ve ever seen (by a long shot). But it does have a few gems. This gem is going to one of my new interview questions:

void update(unsigned char *buf) {
  int i;
  for (i = 7; i >= 0; i--) {
    if (buf[i] != 0) break;

What does this function do? Do you think this is actually faster then obvious the alternative?


Siig quality sucks

I needed some fast disk space for working on my photos and after some research settled on a pair of Western Digital My Book Premium ES 500GB drives and a Siig eSATA ExpressCard/34 card to connect them to my Mac Book Pro. Continue reading


mytreo.net hacked or selling email addresses?

So just about every website/company I do business with that requires an email address, I use a unique email address. The email address takes a very simple form: <company name>@synfin.net. The most important rules is that these email address are never used anywhere. So when I noticed I started getting spam to the email address for www.mytreo.net (no I still won’t post it so that spam harvesters can get it, but you can probably guess what it is), it would appear one of two things have happend:

  1. The people behind www.mytreo.net sold my email address to someone and at some point it was given/sold to a spammer
  2. Someone hacked the www.mytreo.net servers and dumped all the email addresses for all the registered users

If someone has a 3rd idea why, I’d love to hear it.


3.0.1 on time!

I’m happy to release that 3.0.1 is not only out, but released on time… pretty amazing if you ask me. :)

Anyways, this release has a number of fixes, most of which were bugs filed by users, so a big thanks to everyone who found a bug and either filed a ticket or emailed the list.

05/01/2007: Version 3.0.1

  • Stop tcpreplay causing OS X WiFi from disassociating (#167)
  • –pnat incorrectly matched all IP addresses (#170)
  • Fix serious memory leak in core common library (#175)
  • Fix tcprewrite –enet-vlan on little endian systems (#174)
  • Bad pcap timestamps were causing excessive delays (#169)
  • Code cleanup (#173)

As always, you can grab the latest tarball from: