Duzucati 650

What is a Duzucati? I like to think of it as a Ducati with a little Suzuki in the middle. Ha!

Specifically, I put a SV650 motor in a Ducati 1098S chassis.

Yes, I’m serious.

Why? Well for one, because we can But secondly, because I just couldn’t see myself racing the same first-gen SV650 with GSXR front end and flatsides like everyone else in 650Twins and Formula IV in the AFM. Obviously, that would be the “safe” option, but frankly if I wanted to play it safe I wouldn’t be road racing motorcycles now would I? That said, I believe that building a 650cc twin this way has some advantages over your typical SV650:

  1. Comes stock with better suspension and especially brakes then your typical bolt on parts from a GSXR
  2. A lot of data and aftermarket parts (offset triple clamps, etc) are available for racing Ducati 1098’s at all levels of road racing from club racing to World Superbike
  3. The 1098S comes stock with lightweight forged aluminum wheels
  4. The 1098 chassis is much stiffer and lighter then the SV650
  5. The 1098 swing arm is much stiffer then the SV650 and won’t ever need welding on extra bracing which can warp the swing arm
  6. Frankly, it just looks a lot cooler :)

Want to know more? Here’s my race report for the 2013 AFM racing season on the new bike!

Looking for photos? I’ve got those too!

Custom parts:

  • Designed and CNC fabricated motor mount bracket by Ed Lloyd
  • Custom exhaust
  • Exhaust hanger (myself)
  • Motion Pro throttle and clutch cables
  • Coil mount bracket (myself)
  • Tip-over sensor & main relay bracket
  • Wiring harness (myself)
  • SV650 ECU Decoder (myself)
  • Dash and ECU Decoder quick-release bracket (myself)
  • Adjustable & Reinforced Fuel Tank Bracket (designed by me, fabricated by Ed Lloyd)
  • Custom battery box and over flow catch tank holder by Pega Precision


  • Spears Racing SV650 Superbike motor
  • Sigma slipper clutch
  • Bored out 2nd generation SV650 throttle bodies
  • Woodcraft GP Shift adjustable rearsets
  • Woodcraft clipons & handle bars
  • Woodcraft brake lever guard
  • Woodcraft frame savers
  • Woodcraft dual temp tire warmers
  • Armour Bodies racing bodywork
  • Custom paint job by Tim Scarrott of Scarrott Racing
  • Bridgestone Racing Slicks
  • Motion Pro Revolver Throttle
  • Ohlins forks re-valved and re-sprung for a lighter bike by Catalyst Reaction
  • Shortened Ohlins TTX MarkII rear shock (revalved by Cataylst Reaction)
  • Dan Kyle rear link and ride height adjustment rod
  • IMA Special Parts adjustable triple clamps and Thumb Brake
  • Motowheels aluminum subframe
  • Pierobon front fairing stay
  • Ducati 848 eccentric & rear axle to run a 5.5″ rear wheel
  • Ducati Forged aluminum wheels
  • AFAM Quick change carrier and sprockets
  • Brembo 19RCS master cylinder
  • CRG Brembo RCS folding brake lever with remote adjuster
  • CRG Supersport adjustable and folding clutch with perch
  • Power Commander V with custom maps for pump and Sunoco EXO2 race fuel
  • Power Commander Quick Shifter
  • Galfer custom lightened rear rotor & custom brake line
  • Ferodo Racing brake pads
  • BrakeTech AXIS Iron brake rotors
  • AiM MXL2 dash/data logger

353lbs (wet with fuel)
180lbs rear
173lbs front

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