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This is my (Aaron Turner’s) website. It’s evolved over many years, but now it mostly covers my biggest hobbies: motorcycle racing and coding/electronics projects. Occasionally I’ll post other other things, but most of my social media stuff is done via Twitter. Any “Aaron Turner” you see on Facebook isn’t me.

I used to sign all my email with PGP, but since 2009 I’ve stopped and started only signing/encrypting emails that are sensitive. If you want to contact me securely, feel free to download my key:

Key fingerprint = 3167 CCD6 6081 0FFC B749  9A8F 8707 9817 F86E DAE6

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi,

    The Flowreplay page in the Wiki suggested that I contact you as I want to work on the project. Mind, it didn’t provide much assistance on how to contact you – I’m not even sure the “you” it mentioned is, in fact, you. But, you probably can provide me with contact information for the right person if you’re not the right “you”.

    Bottom line, I want to work on flowreplay. I’ve worked with and around that function for years and never yet found something that does what I want. I think flowreplay could do some of the things I want to do.

    Ray Parks

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