Smoked Chicken take 2

This is my first blog post for my smoker log. My goal is to keep a record of what I cook, how I cook it and how it turns out.

One chimney of hot coals. Smoker was placed in the shade, outdoor temp was mid-70s. Initially was running too hot (near 300F) before I put the chicken on, so I splashed a little water on the coals to bring the temp down. Two medium pieces of cherry for two 3.5lb chickens. Recipe calls for cooking 3:30-4hrs @ 200-220F. Continue reading


PHP & Rails

I just made a number of small tweaks to the site layout and format which I think cleans things up a bit. The biggest change is the new Archives widget which makes organization a lot cleaner.

On a side note, I’ve switched gears a little and put tcpreplay on hold while I start a new project called Cabernet. One of my guilty pleasures in life is wine and I have so many bottles that it’s actually hard to know what I have and where various bottles are. I hope Cabernet becomes an easy to use wine management system for individuals who have a few hundred to a few thousand bottles.


Good old-fashioned police work

Recently, the US and German authorities stopped a potential attack on an American military base in Germany. The Bush administration’s top spymaster, Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell testified before Congress that the newly approved “Protect America Act” was in large part why they were able to stop the terrorists.

But, like other people within the Bush administration who testify before Congress, McConnell seems to have lied about the whole thing.