Spam This!

The following are email addresses I’d like spam bots to spam, for the simple reason that these people were stupid enough to give me a valid email address when they spammed me.

30 thoughts on “Spam This!

  1. Ever think these might be legitimate senders who accidentally got you on their mailing lists and might remove you if you asked?

  2. I’ve never done business with any of these companies, so there is no legitimate reason for them to accidentally have me on their list. I shouldn’t have to ask to be taken off their list, since I never asked to be put on it.

    Furthermore, I don’t click those “unsubscribe” links since many of those only serve to validate your email address with the spammer and only will increase the amount of spam you will receive.

  3. Well, I’m responsible for sending mailshots from the domain, and I know we don’t send out any bulk emails except to our customers. If you’ve managed to get onto this by mistake then just let us know and you’ll be removed.

    I’ve no idea how you might have gotten onto the list if you’ve had no dealings with us, but still, talk to us and we’ll resolve whatever problems you have with us.

  4. Hi Chris,

    Here’s the problem: I don’t have time to contact every company I’ve never heard of who sends me spam (or mailshots as you call them). I’m sure you can imagine how quickly this does not scale since you get paid to send these emails out to people, but nobody pays me for my time to deal with them. And of course there are thousands of people like you and only one of me.

    Unfortunately, this is the problem with Opt-Out lists. I didn’t ask to be put on it and now you expect me to make the effort to be taken off. This makes things really convenient for you, but very painful for me.

    On the other hand, editing my blog is easy, quick and doesn’t require me to navigate phone trees, track down the one person in a company who is responsible for this sorta thing or reply to spam begging to be taken off the list risking that I’ll just get even more spam because now I’ve confirmed my email address is read by a real human being.

    And posting email addresses on my blog hopefully gives legit companies an incentive to change their Opt-Out list policy by either giving them a small taste of what it feels like or by public humiliation. It’s not ideal by any means, but I believe it will be more effective in the long term.

  5. Well, I can’t say I agree with your methods, but as we’re essentially sitting on opposite sides of the fence I can’t say that’s suprising :)

    I am confused about how you received something from us though, as I’ve checked through our CRM and I can’t find any addresses whatsoever. Could you forward me the email you received from us that caused you ire? That way I’ll at least be able to track down where it came from & why it was sent, and prevent this occuring again.

  6. Hi Chris,

    I don’t keep those emails, so there’s no way to send it your way. However, since you seem to be trying to do the right thing and I haven’t received any more of those emails I’ve taken you off the list.

  7. Hi Syn,

    Thanks for that – understandable you didn’t keep it as I doubt anyone keeps what they consider junk, but thought I’d check just in case. Sorry for any hassle on your part.

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