SV650 ECU Decoder part 2

Part 1 is here.

So I got the first boards back from OSH Park:

SV650 Ecu Decoder v1 Board Front

SV650 Ecu Decoder v1 Board Rear

And with the all the components populated:

SV650 Ecu Decoder v1 Front Populated

SV650 Ecu Decoder v1 Rear Populated

And finally in the small ABS plastic enclosure:

SV650 Ecu Decoder v1 Front Enclosure

SV650 Ecu Decoder v1 Side Enclosure

At this point I decided to do a little more with my decoder and add:

1. LED display for decoding FI codes without a computer
2. Water temp decoding on LED display
3. Plug-n-play. No more cutting & soldering your wiring harness in order to connect.

All this while keeping the same form factor of a small 2.4″ X 2.27″ X 1.0″ box:


and back:


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