SV650 Dash Replacement Module

This is for the 2nd gen Suzuki SV650 (2003+) and allows you to replace the OEM dash with an aftermarket unit from XT Racing, Starlane or AIM. These aftermarket dashes have great features like GPS, data logging, break pressure and suspension travel sensors, but they’re often missing some of the basic features seen on the stock SV650 dash such as:

  • Oil pressure warning light
  • Neutral light
  • EFI warning light
  • Low fuel light *
  • Support for displaying the water temp from the the stock water temp sensor
  • Ability to decode error codes from the SV650 ECU **
  • TPS adjustment indicator **
  • Battery/charging voltage ***

* Note: ’05-07 SV650’s have two low fuel lights on the stock dash. However, I only support the first warning level at 1gal. There is no “very low fuel” 1/2 gal warning.

** Note: Normally the 4 digit LED display shows the water temp. To show the TPS indicator or ECU error codes, you’ll need to use a “Suzuki diagnostic tool” (aka a paperclip) to short two wires per the shop manual.

*** Note: Version 4.2+ of the board also adds support for showing the battery/charging voltage too. When the motor is running, you’ll see the charging voltage. When the motor is off, but ignition turned on you’ll see the battery voltage.

While I love my XT Racing GPX Pro dash, I didn’t want to give up the other warning lights or have to spend extra for another temperature sensor. And I definitely didn’t want to run two different dashes on my bike! Hence I developed this small (under 2.5 inches square and about 1″ deep) box which plugs directly into the SV650 wiring harness just like the dash does and displays all the above information.

I’ve decided to release all the code & files as open source! Be sure to checkout the files on Github!

Here’s the blog posts describing the process I went through to design the board and write all the code:

  1. SV650 ECU/EFI Warning Decoder Dash Replacement
  2. SV650 ECU Decoder Part 2: Testing
  3. SV650 ECU Decoder Part 3: New Boards Just Arrived!
  4. SV650 ECU Decoder Part 4: Third time is the charm
  5. SV650 ECU Decoder Part 5: There here!
  6. SV650 ECU Decoder Part 6: Decoder Firmware
  7. SV650 ECU Decoder goes Open Source!
  8. Buy your own SV650 ECU Decoder
  9. v4.1 Board Design Finished!
  10. v4.6 Board Design Finished!

8 thoughts on “SV650 Dash Replacement Module

  1. I bought a 1999 sv650 someone tried to put a 2003 instrument cluster on tere are queues cut the turn signals headlight everything seems to work except the instrument clusterisn’t hooked up it’s not plugged in just on there idk where to start idw to start unhooking wires and lose any lights but I need a Stirling instrument cluster please help us there any books I can get that would habe all the wiring I’d be able to just start redoing everything and habe to just out tv’s original cluster back in

  2. Hi,

    First of all, this ECU project is really impressive. Thanks for doing it and documenting it so well.
    I’m trying to follow in your footsteps, but I’m having a bit of a hard time getting through the BOM.
    Could you please let me know what part number you used for the 7 segment display?
    I’m also not super clear on what all of the solder points on the board are for, but I think that’s a question for future me.
    Thanks in advance for your help (if you choose to offer it).

    PS I’d love to send you some beer (or whatever) in appreciation

  3. Hi Aaron,
    I have been trying to decode the ECU from an M109. Do you think this will work on it? I am really just looking for the data stream that shows fuel, rpm, gear position, clutch, side stand and a few others.

    I want to try and make a fancy coloured display but I need to decode some of this data. Can you help at all? Would a M109 have the same format, same number of bytes?


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