SV650 ECU Decoder is now Open Source!

I decided to release both the Arduino source code for the Teensy 2.0 board as well as the Diptrace files necessary for creating a PCB. Please feel free to fork the code on Github and add support for other bikes & microcontrollers! I’m also working on creating PCB files for Cadsoft Eagle so be sure to look for those!

3 thoughts on “SV650 ECU Decoder is now Open Source!

  1. Im SW dev and would love to get more into hardware. I was blown when you designed and then got manufactured your own board. Honestly i did not even think of it before.

    thanks for opensourcing – i won’t be probably able to replicate whole build but that doesn’t matter.

    I was struck with thought of reading my SV650 info ever since i got it. Thanks to your troughrough articles, design and code – i was able to understand all parts involved in process. Its really inspiring. Thanks!!!

    • Glad you found it interesting and useful! I’m also very much a “software guy” and learning about this hardware has been a lot of fun. Mostly I’ve learned by reading and playing with Aruduino’s to start off with. Once you get to more complicated circuits, you start dealing with some math (EE degrees have a lot of math for a reason), but most of it is pretty straight forward.

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