SV650 ECU Decoder v4.6 Design Finished

So I just ordered a few new boards from OshPark:



This was a major update which fixes all know bugs (many which are severe) and improves the protection of the circuit.

  • Switch to Murata 5V switching regulator.
  • LM7805 was overheating with heavy use of LED display in latest code
  • Add power MOSFET for reverse polarity protection
  • Add TVS diode for power/spike protection
  • Fix fuel/very low fuel indicator for 03-04 and 05+
  • Move EFI light off of pin 11 to allow interrupts to work
  • Move Mode switch to an interrupt pin
  • Add ground plane & clean up traces
  • Further improve battery voltage monitoring
  • Capacitors are now SMD too

3 thoughts on “SV650 ECU Decoder v4.6 Design Finished

  1. Great!
    You can change the name of the board in Suzuki SV ECU decoder. That is not only for the 650s.
    I do not know if the Murata module takes up less space than an SMD converter. Do you have the water temperature in function?

    regards Ati

    • The Murata module is basically a SMD switching module. The reason it takes up less space is because it’s a double sided PCB, but effectively takes up only one side PCB worth of space.

      Water temp decoding works- and hopefully with this change is actually usable. With the LM7805, running the LED module that much ate up too much power and over heated the module.

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