Parting out 2008 Ducati 1098S with 916 miles

Bought this bike salvaged for a project. As you can see, it had a lowside on the left side. I kept the front wheel, forks & frame as they were straight. Selling all the parts I don’t need and that are in good condition. While some of the parts here probably don’t belong on a show bike, everything here is perfectly usable and I’d be using it if it was useful for my project.

All parts are in very good condition unless otherwise mentioned; I threw away anything that was very damaged. Please be sure to check the pictures for more info.

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NRS Report

So I just got back from doing AFM’s New Racer School with Pacific Track Time. It was a beautiful day, and I didn’t have any problem passing the written test or on track evaluation. I have to say that when I started riding motorcycles almost 8 years ago I never thought I’d actually start racing them! Big thanks to my buddies Eric and Gerald for helping me start riding and giving me so many pointers over the years.

Actually I’m a little surprised just how quickly I’ve not only gotten back up to speed from last year, but also have improved- dropping 3 seconds/lap from my best last year. No doubt I have Jason Pridmore of STAR School to thank for that. Continue reading


Problems and solutions

Well after having various motorcycle problems, things are finally turning around. I was able to get a new engine for my SV off eBay and BRG Racing is going to take care of me in time for my first AFM weekend later this month. I also was able to get a new front sprocket and battery for my Ducati so I was able to get some track time in last weekend and I should be ready for taking NRS this weekend with PTT at Thunderhill. Continue reading