Problems and solutions

Well after having various motorcycle problems, things are finally turning around. I was able to get a new engine for my SV off eBay and BRG Racing is going to take care of me in time for my first AFM weekend later this month. I also was able to get a new front sprocket and battery for my Ducati so I was able to get some track time in last weekend and I should be ready for taking NRS this weekend with PTT at Thunderhill.

I was a little surprised how easily I switched from the SV650 to 748- the 748 has more power, is heavier and has better brakes/suspension. While the SV is light and flickable, the 748 really requires a lot more effort to initiate turns. Right now though I’m feeling pretty good on track. STAR School was a big help in focusing me on a few small things to improve my riding and I’m noticeably faster on track. Right now my biggest issue seems to be maintaining focus and running consistent quick laps and not relaxing too much when I don’t have a rabbit in front of me.

Anyways, if it’s not obvious, work on Tcpreplay has taken a pretty big dive. This was something that I expected; hopefully though things will pick up a little once I’m not having to constantly wrench on the bikes.

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