Split tunnel VPN on UniFi USG

Let’s say sometimes you want to egress your home network over a VPN?  Maybe hide your traffic from your ISP who likes to snoop your traffic or insert ads?  Or maybe you want to get around geo-location blocks to stream some video only available in another country?  Installing a VPN client on your laptop is pretty easy, but might be harder on your Chromecast or other streaming device.

This article is going to try and provide a step-by-step how to configure your Ubiquiti USG series router/firewall + switch + AP to have a VLAN/SSID for “normal” mode and another VLAN/SSID for accessing the internet transparently over a VPN.  Devices you want to use the VPN just need to join the right WiFi network or have their switch port assigned the correct VLAN.  This config should also generally work for the EdgeRouter series, but you’ll need to do the configuration via the CLI instead of the JSON config file.  I suspect this should work on a DreamMachine or Dream Machine Pro, but I don’t own either of those and haven’t tested. (Nope, won’t work on the UDM or UDM-Pro. Neither support the config.gateway.json config file or the necessary policy routing features.)

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SV650 ECU Decoder with LCD Display

So I’ve learned that the LED lights and LED display that I’ve used in earlier versions of the SV650 ECU Decoder have the unfortunate issue that the LED display is completely washed out in daylight. The LED lights, even though they are 10mm are hard to see as well.

Hence, I’ve redesigned the board around the Nokia 5110 LCD display. These display was originally used in cell phones and being LCD should be easier to see in sunlight. Suzuki even used a LCD display in the OEM dash. The biggest challenge with using a LCD display was finding one which would fit in the existing footprint. I really didn’t want to increase the board size since bigger boards cost more money. The biggest challenge was finding a switch which would fit- in the end, I went with a 6mm switch which *just* fits.

Of course, removing the LED lights and changing the display will require a significant rewrite of the code, but there are good libraries for the Nokia 5110 display so hopefully that won’t be too hard.

SV650 ECU Deocder v5.0 Board Top

SV650 ECU Deocder v5.0 Board Top

SV650 ECU Deocder v5.0 Board Bottom

SV650 ECU Deocder v5.0 Board Bottom


Parting out 2008 Ducati 1098S with 916 miles

Bought this bike salvaged for a project. As you can see, it had a lowside on the left side. I kept the front wheel, forks & frame as they were straight. Selling all the parts I don’t need and that are in good condition. While some of the parts here probably don’t belong on a show bike, everything here is perfectly usable and I’d be using it if it was useful for my project.

All parts are in very good condition unless otherwise mentioned; I threw away anything that was very damaged. Please be sure to check the pictures for more info.

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Did you bother to test this?

My feedback to Apple regarding Mail.app in Lion:

Seriously, wtf? How could you not notice:

1. Emails I delete from the inbox come back after a few minutes. I’ve deleted the same messages 4 or 5 times now from my inbox. I guess you figured my delete key doesn’t get enough use already?

2. Still haven’t fixed the Snow Leopard/Exchange issue where Mail.app stops downloading emails after some random period of time requiring me to restart Mail.app. The good news is I can really tell my boss I didn’t see that important email! Thank you for being my excuse!

3. Can’t quit Mail.app. Yes, it just hangs every time. Have to Force Kill it. This is great since I’m restarting Mail.app 3-5 times a day due to #2.

4. When it starts back up, it often presents me with a random email I recently sent acting like I didn’t actually send it. It’s in my Sent Mail folder… did you send it or not? It’s a mystery! We all like mysteries right?

5. How many times do I have to read an email before you mark it read? You seem to have chosen to use a random number generator for that. I guess this was designed to mess with people with alzheimer’s or something?

Outlook and Thunderbird are looking really good right now.


Benjamin Franklin and the War on Terrorism

I’ve been reading Walter Isaacson’s excellent biography of Benjamin Franklin lately and just came across a letter Franklin wrote to his English friend Joseph Priestly in late 1775:

Britain, at the expense of three millions, has killed 150 Yankees this campaign, which is 20,000 pounds a head… During the same time, 60,000 children have been born in America. From these data his mathematical head will easily calculate the time and expense necessary to kill us all.

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Dear Google Recruiter

Dear Google Recruiter,

I’ve been contacted by a recruiter at Google every 3-6 months for the last 4+ years or so and I’ll tell you what I tell all of them:

I have no interest in interviewing with Google ever again. I expect to be treated professionally by companies and for them to be honest with me in their communication, but that did not happen when I went through your interview/hiring process. This is not negotiable and you only get one chance.

I also tell every recruiter at Google to please put a note in your HR database to not contact me any more. Obviously that never happens or doesn’t work, because you still contact me. Honestly, I’m not sure why this is so hard to accomplish for a company which specializes in storing and retrieving information, but I do find it rather annoying having to explain myself over and over again. Hence, I’ve decided to create this post so the GoogleBot will add it to your database for you.

Have a nice day,

UPDATE: I posted this after being contacted by a Google recruiter and so I replied with this link. He replied back, was very apologetic and promised to update their records to indicate I did not wish to be contacted again and apparently that actually worked. Success!


Tweets for 2009-05-06

  • Just added experimental DLT_JUNIPER_ETHER decoding support to tcprewrite: http://bit.ly/15RCwS #
  • claiming that waterboarding isn’t torture is #totalbs
    http://bit.ly/hfRIH #
  • On a more cheerful note, I just received my Novice competition license from the AFM. Not crashing has benefits! :) #
  • with all the “unsubscribe” messages lately going to mailing lists I’ve considered creating a wall of shame 4 people who can’t figure it out #
  • Horrible call by the refs. The NHL really needs to rethink the I-cant-see-the-puck/whistle rule #

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