NRS Report

So I just got back from doing AFM’s New Racer School with Pacific Track Time. It was a beautiful day, and I didn’t have any problem passing the written test or on track evaluation. I have to say that when I started riding motorcycles almost 8 years ago I never thought I’d actually start racing them! Big thanks to my buddies Eric and Gerald for helping me start riding and giving me so many pointers over the years.

Actually I’m a little surprised just how quickly I’ve not only gotten back up to speed from last year, but also have improved- dropping 3 seconds/lap from my best last year. No doubt I have Jason Pridmore of STAR School to thank for that.

Anyways, when I was at Thunderhill doing a track day two weeks ago, I was video taped by Vision Wells. They were kind enough to take one of my laps and post it up on Youtube:

Not my fastest lap that day, as I was taking it easy since it was the first session after lunch, but I’m really enjoying watching it over and over again, looking at my lines for things I can improve on. One of the obvious issues is I’m turning in too early; something I’m going to have to work on in the future.

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