Parting out 2008 Ducati 1098S with 916 miles

Bought this bike salvaged for a project. As you can see, it had a lowside on the left side. I kept the front wheel, forks & frame as they were straight. Selling all the parts I don’t need and that are in good condition. While some of the parts here probably don’t belong on a show bike, everything here is perfectly usable and I’d be using it if it was useful for my project.

All parts are in very good condition unless otherwise mentioned; I threw away anything that was very damaged. Please be sure to check the pictures for more info.

Video of motor running:

Showing 916mi on the odometer:

  1. 1098S Motor with only 916 miles. Water pump cover has some scratches (see photos).
  2. One ignition coil
  3. Forged OEM Marchesini aluminum rear wheel (some small nicks, I went with a 5.5in rear wheel, otherwise I would of used it)
  4. Swingarm w/ eccentric, axle, brake rotor and sprocket (some scratches on swingarm near heel guard)
  5. Airbox, throttle bodies & injectors (missing fuel quick disconnect on fuel line)
  6. Rearsets (only slight damage on the bottom of the left footpeg)
  7. Clutch master & lever (slight rash)
  8. Rear brake master
  9. Rear brake lever w/ mounting bracket
  10. Throttle tube
  11. Throttle cables
  12. Left side control pod
  13. Tail light
  14. Lamda (O2) sensor
  15. Exhaust complete (headers & cans, left can has some rash)
  16. Exhaust actuator motor
  17. Ohlins rear shock
  18. Radiator (slight damage- see pictures)
  19. Radiator hoses
  20. Radiator overflow bottle
  21. Kickstand
  22. Kickstand switch
  23. Oil cooler
  24. Left & Right air duct covers
  25. Dash, ECU and key set (note that the dash has some scratches, but is perfectly functional)
  26. Wiring harness (99% intact)
  27. Regulator/Rectifier
  28. Battery box
  29. 1098S triple clamps and steering stem
  30. Countershaft cover
  31. Front lower V cowl (red)
  32. Right side upper & lower bodywork (red)
  33. Right side mirror
  34. Subframe

Interested in a part? Contact me at synfinatic at gmail dot com and I’m happy to discuss prices. Long story short, I’m looking for $2,500 for the motor (similar motors are going for $2,800-3,300 on eBay) and I’m willing to sell the other parts for about the same kind of discount.

One thought on “Parting out 2008 Ducati 1098S with 916 miles

  1. Man, that’s a crime. A beautiful machine… its life cut short…

    May you find a happy resting place for its parts…

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