Dear Google Recruiter

Dear Google Recruiter,

I’ve been contacted by a recruiter at Google every 3-6 months for the last 4+ years or so and I’ll tell you what I tell all of them:

I have no interest in interviewing with Google ever again. I expect to be treated professionally by companies and for them to be honest with me in their communication, but that did not happen when I went through your interview/hiring process. This is not negotiable and you only get one chance.

I also tell every recruiter at Google to please put a note in your HR database to not contact me any more. Obviously that never happens or doesn’t work, because you still contact me. Honestly, I’m not sure why this is so hard to accomplish for a company which specializes in storing and retrieving information, but I do find it rather annoying having to explain myself over and over again. Hence, I’ve decided to create this post so the GoogleBot will add it to your database for you.

Have a nice day,

UPDATE: I posted this after being contacted by a Google recruiter and so I replied with this link. He replied back, was very apologetic and promised to update their records to indicate I did not wish to be contacted again and apparently that actually worked. Success!