3.0.1 on time!

I’m happy to release that 3.0.1 is not only out, but released on time… pretty amazing if you ask me. :)

Anyways, this release has a number of fixes, most of which were bugs filed by users, so a big thanks to everyone who found a bug and either filed a ticket or emailed the list.

05/01/2007: Version 3.0.1

  • Stop tcpreplay causing OS X WiFi from disassociating (#167)
  • –pnat incorrectly matched all IP addresses (#170)
  • Fix serious memory leak in core common library (#175)
  • Fix tcprewrite –enet-vlan on little endian systems (#174)
  • Bad pcap timestamps were causing excessive delays (#169)
  • Code cleanup (#173)

As always, you can grab the latest tarball from:

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