Joe Louis Arena: Please sit down!

Attention Detroit Red Wing fans: SIT DOWN!

Look, it’s great your excited about your team. I’m a Shark season ticket holder and I understand that hockey is exciting and you want to cheer your team on. But if you ever have watched a game played at “the Joe”, then you’ve probably noticed that whomever designed the arena didn’t properly plan for where the cameras go, because we’re always trying to look through the back of your head when you stand up.

And don’t even get me started at the guy who sits in the first or second row who always stands up, turns around, looks at the camera and asks on his cell phone “Do you see me now??” during the middle of play. Why the guy sitting behind you doesn’t beat the crap out of you I’ll never know.

So please remember, you’re not only being inconsiderate of the people who bought tickets right behind you, you’re also annoying millions of hockey fans all over the country who’d rather watch the players play then be forced to look at your ugly mug, bald head or beer gut.

That said, Go Wings and go kick the Duck’s @ss!

Update: Yeah, I can’t spell.

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