hacked or selling email addresses?

So just about every website/company I do business with that requires an email address, I use a unique email address. The email address takes a very simple form: <company name> The most important rules is that these email address are never used anywhere. So when I noticed I started getting spam to the email address for (no I still won’t post it so that spam harvesters can get it, but you can probably guess what it is), it would appear one of two things have happend:

  1. The people behind sold my email address to someone and at some point it was given/sold to a spammer
  2. Someone hacked the servers and dumped all the email addresses for all the registered users

If someone has a 3rd idea why, I’d love to hear it.

7 thoughts on “ hacked or selling email addresses?

  1. I use the same method for catching spammers. Works well for pr0n. Anyway, I haven’t really gotten much spam for my mytreo catch. I think I’ve gotten a grand total of like 104 emails since Jan ’06.

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