Busy little bee

Just a little update on Tcpreplay & Cabernet. Tcpreplay is still currently mostly on hold as I’m spending most of my free coding time working on Cabernet, my wine management application. Cabernet is definitely getting close to a beta.
Currently I can manage: wineries, wines, varietals, individual bottles, bottle storage (bulk & rack), tasting notes and growing regions. I’m currently adding support for external wine reviews, both RSS and individual links and being able to link them to wines in your database.

I think that will definitely be enough for a successful beta, but then I’ll need to think about user management/rights as well as data sharing. One thing that has become very clear to me as I’ve thought about this problem, that it’s important for users to be able to share information to reduce data entry effort and share knowledge. This could be solved by a central website/service like Cellar Tracker or more of a distributed solution via RSS feeds or the like.

Clearly a central website/service would get a lot more users, but I don’t see any way to run such a site on my lowly DSL line/Mac Mini “server”. I suppose I could get some cheap hosting and then sell ads on the site, but who knows if I’ll break even. I’m not rich and I’m very busy between work/life so running such a site seems like a pretty big hassle. Maybe if I found a few more wine geeks to help out?

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