Linky #2

I’ve been sitting on these interesting articles and I figured I’d share:

Warren Buffet explains in the New York Times why now it is the time to buy stock in US companies.

Lawrence Lessig, a professor of law at Stanford Law School, and co-founder of Creative Commons writes in the Wall Street Journal, In Defence of Piracy.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports on the NSA Spying on Americans again, but this time it’s our service men & women calling home to their families and organizations like Doctors without Borders.

Update: Stephen Colbert has this to say on the subject:

A scathing article on the “security theater” going on in American airports and how it does nothing but stop the “stupid terrorists”.

And how the TSA’s no-fly-list is preventing US Air Marshals from protecting commercial flights in the US.

Respected investigative reporter Seymour M. Hersh reports on the Bush administrations’ subversion of the law to attack Iran.

And finally, on a happier note, I give you South Park’s Imagination Land.