Tcpreplay 3.4.0pre2 available

This is the second pre-release of 3.4.0 which I hope to have out in
the next week or two. There’s a lot of bug fixes and improvements
(mostly related to performance) and a few major changes. The biggest
change is completely removing libnet as an (optional) dependancy from
Tcpreplay. As any long-time subscriber to tcpreplay-users knows, I’ve
had a love-hate relationship with libnet, and I’m thrilled to replace
it with libdnet which seems to have fewer bugs and is still being
maintained. Libdnet is also required for fragroute support in
tcprewrite, so this should reduce the number of dependencies some
platforms have.

High-speed performance has also been improved via the new —pps-multi
option which allows sending multiple packets at a time without
sleeping in packets/sec mode.

Here’s the current changelog of what’s new in pre2 since 3.3.2:

  • Add libdnet and remove libnet support for sending packets (#302)
  • Fix numerous 802.11 decoder bugs (#325)
  • Fix compile issue under Linux (#326)
  • Fix Mbps/sec nonsense (#327)
  • Fix tcprewrite crash when packets have no L3+ data (#328)
  • Clean up err.c/err.h code and improve performance for non-debug
    builds (#331)
  • Fix timesdiv() timer code (#332)
  • Improve high-performance packet sending via multiple
    packets/interval (#334)
  • Fix statistics report errors (#335)
  • Fix BPF filters not being used in tcpbridge (#336)
  • Fix autotools usage errors (#340)
  • Clean up ‘make test’ results (#341)
  • Update to AutoGen/AutoOpts 5.9.7 (#342)
  • Fix compiler warnings from GCC 4.2 (#344)
  • Fix numerous memory corruption bugs in libtcpedit DLT plugin code (#345)
  • Add support for editing IPv4 TOS/DiffServ/ECN (#348)
  • Update autotools to more recent versions (#349)
  • Report injection method via -V (#352)
  • Fix DLT_USER l2len check bug (#353)

There are still some open 3.4.0 tickets for tcpbridge.

It would be great for people to kick the tires so-to-speak and report
any bugs so that I can fix them in time for the official 3.4.0

Oh, and here’s the download link: