Almost there

So after about 3 days of work, the new server (Malbec, which continues my naming convention of alcohol) is now running almost all of the services for my domains. As mentioned before, the new box is very noticeably faster, which was the main goal. It’s most noticeable for the database backed web services which was in some cases too painful to use. Continue reading


New server time…

The current server (1.25Ghz G4 MacMini w/ 1GB of RAM) running all of synfin.net is showing it’s age and limitations, so I’ve bought a new one (2Ghz Core2Duo MacMini w/ 2GB of RAM). Definitely a lot faster, so I’m pretty stoked.

Of course this means that there will be intermittent service over the next few days as services are migrated over and tested. So please bear with me.


I feel like I’m in Alice and Wonderland

Today was a pretty important day in San Francisco. After reading Wired’s coverage of the 9th Circuit hearing on the NSA’s spying, and AT&T’s alleged complicity, I’m left hopeful that the three judges will do the right thing and let both cases move forward. Allowing the government to get away with using the state secrets argument as a shield against inquiries into how it apparently violated the Constitution opens up a Pandora’s Box of unchecked abuses against innocent citizens.

My only concern right now is that this case hasn’t gotten enough publicity in the mainstream media to cause a public outcry to force Congress to do actually do something rather then talk about it. Rather, they’ve let the talking heads of the fear-mongers run around yelling the terrorists are coming and we’re all going to die unless you let Bush, the Justice Department and the CIA/NSA have unfettered and secret access to any information they wish. You would of thought after the 1970’s where the FBI routinely spied on people like Martin Luther King, Jr., Americans would have none of this unchecked spying on it’s citizens, but it appears many have forgotten or chosen to ignore history’s lesson.

Can we really have a free democracy where those that are in power can use their position to secretly spy and obtain information on it’s people? The framers of the Constitution implemented checks and balances between the three branches of government; it’s time for the legislative and judical branches to act responsibly in the independent manner for which they were created.

UPDATE: Wired’s analysis of today’s court case.


Nework maintenance

According to Speakeasy:

On Wednesday night/Thursday morning, August 9th and August 10th 2006, we
will be performing scheduled maintenance on the Point of Presence (POP)
through which your Broadband connection is routed.

Maintenance will begin at 11:59 PM PDT on Wednesday night and end by
03:00 AM PDT on Thursday morning. While you will experience a service
disruption during this time, it is unlikely that your service outage
will extend through the entire time frame. Service interruptions
during a routine maintenance event like this often last only a few

So expect synfin.net to go dark for a little while I guess…


More site news

Well looks like Speakeasy had about a 2hr DSL outtage at my POP so my site went down. Doh. Oh well things are back up and everything seems grand.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve just re-enabled Project Honeypot for synfin.net. If you haven’t setup a honey pot MX record or added some hidden links to your site, take a few minutes and start netting some spammers.

Also, I’ve made it easier to leave a comment by removing the captcha and switching to Askimet to filter spam. So far it’s caught 24 out of 24 comment spams attempted on the site, so I’m pretty happy with it.


Where does one begin?

Your random quiz for the day:
Basically, a 12yr old boy has been charged with a felony for:

a) Bringing a gun to school

b) Selling drugs to his classmates

c) Joking that the powered sugar for his science experiment was cocaine

Meanwhile… Vice President Dick Cheney made a far more serious judgement error and shot someone in the head but apparently that’s ok.  (Yes, they’re calling it an “accident,” but any experianced hunter knows that they need to keep tabs on all members of their hunting party at all times and be aware of what they are shooting at, both of which Cheney failed to do in this case.)


Moved to WordPress

Well I finally got sick of writing custom code/templates (I’ve used static files using templates/Makefiles as well as dynamic pages using Perl/HTML::Mason). While I’m quite proficent with Class::DBI and PostgreSQL, it just wasn’t worth the effort of writing all the administrator forms for managing content.

I had a few major requirements:

  1. Secure and actively maintained
  2. Themeable so I can make it look like I want to without too much work
  3. Decent admin forms for managing posts and comments
  4. Can be hosted on my personal server on synfin.net

Hence, I tried Blogger. But wtf? They support sftp (secure ftp over ssh) but their website doesn’t support SSL. So while they can login securely to my server, I have to send my username/password in clear text to them? You would think that now that Google has bought them, with all their PhD’s they could figure out how to purchase a SSL certificate and load it on their webserver…

Anyways, so then I started looking at code I could maintain myself. After much research, I ended up with WordPress. I’m not thrilled it’s written in PHP and uses MySQL; both of which I personally think suck from a developer perspective, but that doesn’t prevent people from writing decent apps it seems.