Cry babies

So on monday, Apple announced the newest version of the iPhone, the 3GS. Personally, I’m pretty excited about the new iPhone and looks to be a worthy successor to my current iPhone (no 3G for me). But many current iPhone 3G owners are up in arms that AT&T isn’t going to allow them to upgrade their phone for the reduced (subsidized) price of $199 like new customers or those customers who aren’t already at the end of their 2 year contract.

Personally I find this just sour grapes. People who ordered a iPhone 3G just 1 year ago are only half way through their 2 year contract. And it is a *contract*. This is good and bad, it locks you in for 2 years at a certain monthly fee and in return you get a phone at a discount and the guarantee that AT&T won’t increase your monthly rate. If you didn’t like the terms of the contract, you could of paid full price for an unlocked iPhone.

People keep complaining that it isn’t “fair” for AT&T to not give them a second discounted phone when they’re still on the hook for another 12 months of their existing contract. You know what isn’t fair? That people aren’t taking responsibility for their own actions and blaming AT&T for expecting them to uphold their end of the deal.

This is why I chose not to upgrade my original iPhone to the 3G- I figured I could survive another year with my current phone and when the successor to the 3G came out I would be able to upgrade since I’d be at the end of my contract. I realized that once AT&T started subsidizing the iPhone more, they’d financially have to be more stringent in enforcing their clearly stated upgrade policy.

Update: Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

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