A dark cloud

So a couple of days ago a dark cloud started following me- literally (on twitter). Why? Well probably because my race bike’s motor just got diagnosed with TCMS (Ton of Crap in Motor Syndrome). At this stage of the game, it would normally be game over- my season finished. Kaput. Done. Over.

Instead, Eric has offered me his SV for the final round at Infineon. So we’re going to swap my suspension/wheels (which is setup pretty decently at this point) with his completely stock suspension so the bike will sorta feel like mine. Probably move over the carbs & exhaust so I can take advantage of all the tuning BRG did. Some yellow tape to make number plates on the fairings and add #828 and I’ll go racing. Since his bike is completely stock (including gearing), but missing any gauges it should be an interesting experience.

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