Windows support?

So I was looking at the tcpreplay download statistics and I made a very unexpected realization: roughly 30% of the downloads in the last 12 months were for the Windows version.

This was very surprising for a variety of reasons:

  1. It’s unsupported
  2. It’s for an old version, and even then many of the features aren’t implemented
  3. It’s very rare that people ask about a Windows port or for help (yes, I know it says “unsupported”, but I didn’t expect anyone to believe me!)
  4. I figured the target user for tcpreplay was someone who uses Linux/FreeBSD/OS X, not Windows.

So with that in mind, I’ve started making an effort to port tcpreplay to Win32/Cygwin. So far I’ve made some pretty decent inroads and frankly, it’s going about as smoothly as I could hope for. I’ve gotten most of the support libraries working under Cygwin (GNU Autogen being the only problem-child) and WinPcap seems like a nearly drop-in replacement for libpcap. I figure if I can get tcpreplay, tcprewrite and tcpprep working I’ll be really happy.

Anyways, right now Win32 support is planned for after the 3.0 release, but if things go well, I might just move it up. I have to admit, I never thought I’d be a “Windows developer”… sounds so dirty.

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