tcpreplay 3.0.beta12 released!

I’m happy to announce that 3.0.beta12 is finally out. This is a pretty important release because of the extensive changes to how different DLT/Layer2’s are supported in tcprewrite. In the past it was a big block of monolithic code which as many of you know had some serious bugs and limitations. 3.0.beta12 moves to a full plugin based architecture which makes adding support for various DLT’s very easy.

In this release the following input DLT’s are supported:

  • DLT_EN10MB (Ethernet, w/ full 802.1Q VLAN support)
  • DLT_LOOP (BSD Loopback)
  • DLT_RAW (Raw IP)
  • DLT_CHDLC (Cisco HDLC)
  • DLT_LINUX_SLL (Linux Cooked Socket)

The following DLT’s can be used for output conversion and editing
(meaning you can convert another DLT type to one below as well as edit
fields in these Layer 2 headers):

  • DLT_EN10MB
  • User defined DLT types.

Since these DLT types do not have an output converter, you can’t convert a pcap to these DLT types, but they are fully supported otherwise. If someone needs to convert say a DLT_EN10MB to DLT_LOOP for example, let me know and I can add support quite easily.

There are also a few fixes in tcpreplay and tcpprep as well as a number of improvements for cross-platform support.

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Download 3.0.beta12

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