08-09 Sharks Schedule (or converting .csv to .ics)

Every year I end up manually inputting the entire San Jose Sharks schedule into iCal because the Sharks organization doesn’t provide an industry standard .ics file (instead they support Microsoft Outlook). This year, I finally decided to figure out how to convert the .csv file to .ics.

Anyways, long story short, if you’re looking for a schedule of the San Jose Sharks in .ics format you can download it here.

But here’s how you can convert any Outlook compatible .csv calendar export into .ics:

  1. Download/export the .csv
  2. Login to Google Calendar
  3. Create a new Google Calendar under Settings->Calendars (I called it “San Jose Sharks”)
  4. In the left side tool bar, under “Other Calendars” choose Add->Import Calendar
  5. Choose the .csv file and the new “San Jose Sharks” calendar
  6. Go back to Settings->Calendars and click the Export My Calendars link
  7. After downloading, extract the .zip file
  8. Find the .ics file corresponding to your new “San Jose Sharks” calendar.
  9. Import it into your calendaring app of choice (Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, PHP iCalendar, etc)