Well this sucks

It’s 3:40am and I’m awake. Not sure if this is just a bad case of allergies anymore or a head cold, but I can’t sleep. Claritin and Sudafed 12hr have failed me. Maybe I’ll try some Oban 14. So here I am, working on my WordPress theme (almost done) and watching TV… thank god for TiVo. (On a side note, I wonder how many other people’s TiVo controller have the marking on the -> button rubbed off from skipping commercials?)

Either way, I have to say I’m overall pretty happy with WordPress so far. It’s got a decent plugin architecture (still need to find a spell checker) and has some really nice features, but some of it’s API is annoyingly inconsistent. This theme I’m working on seems to be coming along nicely, but between the bugs and inconsistencies in web browsers, now I remember why I hate webdev.

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