1,000th comment!

Just reached the 1,000th attempted comment spam which was picked up by Askimet. So I guess the good news is that Askimet is very effective at combating comment spam. I guess the bad news is the near complete lack of actual comments. :)

On a side note, I tried signing up for a class over the web. Filled out the form, gave them my CC# and everything. Then I got an email saying that the class was full. After being put on the waiting list, I suggested they change their website to indicate which dates have availability… not something I would consider difficult nowadays. Imagine my surprise when I got this in reply:

Unfortunately because our availability changes constantly it
would likely be a full time job for someone to update the school
availability on the site and we just can’t do that. This is why there is
a note that comes up after you register that says you aren’t actually
registered until one of our staff contact you.

Hello? Is it still 1998?

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