Wow, spammy

So lately, I’ve been really annoyed with the amount of spam I get. After various custom filters + SpamAssassin, I still get around 100 spams/day (of which about 20% finds it’s way into my inbox and the remaining 80% into my spambox which I have to check for false positives). Pretty painful.

So yesterday I splitted things up to figure out where my spam is coming from (or rather to). I’ve figured out that roughly 2/3rds of my spam comes from my two accounts. About 3/12ths comes via my address (which I’ve never used in my life, which is pretty odd) and the final 1/12th is via my address. Checking out the anti-spam settings on my account shows that they have *blocked* over 7700 spams in the last month. HOLY CRAP!

At that point, it was painfully obvious that after 10 years, I need to retire my addresses. Just way too much spam is coming through and theres just no way to block it all even with agressive filters. So I’ve decided to migrate all my mailing lists to my gmail account (synfinatic) and retire my address in favor of (aturner or aaron… haven’t really decided yet. aturner gets under 10 spams/day and aaron is spam-free, but people can’t seem to spell synfin or aaron which seems like a bad combination).

Gmail seems to have pretty decent spam filtering, since most days I don’t get any spam in my inbox. But frankly, I’ve never been a big fan of webmail systems, and gmail isn’t much better then others IMHO. Oh well, either way, it’s Taps for

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