DHS: So glad they’re on our side!

Let’s see, a guy walks into the DHS HQ with a fake Mexican ID which even if it was real wasn’t considered valid identification. So what do the rocket scientists for security do? Why they let him in of course!

Now of course, the fake ID was really good. You’d have to be a real expert to pick up on subtle mistakes like stating Tijuana is in Brittish Columbia (B.C.), claiming to live on “123 Fraud Blvd.” and misspelling “Staton Island, N.Y.”. Yep, I can really understand how the crack DHS security force could let such an well forged ID through the front door.

The good news? “DHS is following up on these allegations and will take necessary actions to ensure there is not another occurrence of this type”. I know I’ll sure sleep better knowing they’re on the case!

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