How to test IDS/IPS Hardware?

Recently, someone asked this question on the IDS email list:

Hi guys,
Can you please give me some reference or links on how to test IPS/IDS hardware box.

Clearly this person hasn’t read Eric Raymond’s How To Ask Questions the Smart Way.
Later on he tried to clarify his question since none of the answers helped him:

Hi Guys,
Thank you so much, for all your replies. But there is some misconception
from my query. I actually meant how to test the IPS hardware box, like
testing the processor and the sensing ports and how to melt down the IPS
hardware box. Basically the general guide line for testing the IPS/IDS
hardware box. Do we need any specific tools for this?

Iam sorry for not making to the point in my pervious post.

So I tried to answer his question:

Since different IPS’s use different hardware, your tests will need to
be specific to your hardware. Honestly, I have no idea what the
goals, intent or value of testing in the manner you suggest, so I
can’t really contribute other then say, if you want to melt down the
box, you’ll need a significant heat source. Most home
improvement/hardware stores sell blow torches which would be a good
starting point.

While you’re at it, I’d also suggest testing the box’s resistance to
gunfire. You can start with .22LR and move up from there. Depending
on your expected adversary you can use standard NATO calibers or
whatever makes sense. Fun and educational!

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