Vote for your favorite DLT!

I’m currently working on the libtcpedit DLT plugin support. The major goals are:
1. Make it easy to add support for new DLT types in the future.
2. Support the top 3 or 4 most commonly used DLT types out of the box for 3.0.

With that in mind, I’m requesting people let me know what DLT types other then Ethernet they work with the most. Some DLT’s to think about are: Linux SLL (cooked socket), BSD Raw IP, NULL, FDDI, PPP, Cisco HDLC, Prisim, Aironet, IEEE802.11 and IEEE802.11 w/ radio header.

So far I’ve got votes for:
– Cisco HDLC
– Linux SLL
– “the most common WiFi DLT types under Linux” (anyone know which that might be?)

When you vote, please vote for a #1 priority, #2 priority, etc. Just rattling off a bunch of DLT’s isn’t all that useful to me.

For a full list of libpcap DLT types check here.

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