Tcpreplay + Fragroute = v3.3.rc1

I’ve finally got a basic integration of Dug Song’s fragroute with tcprewrite. I’m pretty excited about this not only because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for over two years, but because it really shows the power of Open Source. Anyways, big thanks to Dug who made this possible not only by his work writing fragroute, but also choosing a license which allows people like me to use it in their own projects.

This release candidate also includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements reported/requested by users, so thanks to everyone who either reported issues or made suggestions. I still have some work to do before the official 3.3.0 release, including merging in the improved timing code from the performance feature branch. This improved timing code dramatically improves the accuracy of sending packets allowing far better control of how quickly packets are sent.

Feel free to grab the code and let me know of any issues.

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