Tcprecast! Episode #1

I’ve decided to get on the bus with all the cool kids and start my own video podcast called Tcprecast! I’m hoping to make Tcprecast! a how-to smorgasbord of all things Tcpreplay and then some.

In the first episode, I cover compiling Tcpreplay and what configure options affect performance and how to select the best injection method for your operating system. Probably not the most interested topic (I’m sure a lot of people get pre-compiled packages), but it gave me a chance to tackle a simple topic while focusing on the tools and workflow necessary to create the videos.

Depending on feedback, I’ll be doing additional episodes on various aspects of the Tcpreplay suite as well as other related tools and resources I think Tcpreplay users might find interesting. If you have any comments on this episode or suggestions for future episodes let me know!

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