Pre-release of Beta13 available

So the endian issues in tcprewrite seem to be causing a lot of people grief, so I’ve decided to release a beta13 before RC1. However, since this wasn’t a planned release, some RC1 tickets are half done and incomplete. It doesn’t seem like this will cause anyone problems, but I haven’t done enough testing myself to release it to the entire world.

Hence, I’m posting a pre-beta13 so people can try it out and report any major bugs before I announce it to the rest of the world.

The major changes since beta12 are:

  • Fixed detection of IPv4 packets on little-endian (Intel mostly) boxes. Prevented tcprewrite from editing most packets
  • Fixed TCP/UDP checksum calculation on little-endian boxes
  • Added –quiet flag to tcpreplay for Lothar
  • The –seed flag should now generate the same IP’s on both little-endian & big-endian boxes
  • The –skipl2broadcast flag now works as documented
  • Adding L2 header for DLT_RAW encapsulated packets now works

Hopefully everyone here who has found a bug in the last few weeks will take a few minutes to give it a try and let me know how well it works out.

Since this is not GA code yet, I’m not posting it to SF, so you’ll have to get it here:

If you find any issues, please post them to the tcpreplay-users mailing list or open a ticket.


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