Libnet… dead?

Just got an email from Freshmeat saying that they’ve de-listed the libnet library from their database. Sure enough, is offline. Anyways, I’ve emailed Mike to see what’s going on. Until then I’ve uploaded my last copy of the source code to here: libnet-1.1.3-RC-01.tar.gz

UPDATE: The email to Mike bounced and the libnet mailing list has been basically dead for over a year. Starting to smell like abandon-ware. Also, I could of sworn libnet-ng had an actual web page, but looks like that was taken offline or I was horribly confused.

5 thoughts on “Libnet… dead?

  1. It’s not dead. It’s just resting. and have been hosted at the same place with the same guy for years. It died a month or two ago and I’ve been trying read hard to lobby him to get it back up. I don’t even have the content. I’m working on it. Trust me. I even have some libnet updates.

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