Big changes in 3.0.beta10

Just a quick note to everyone paying attention that 3.0.beta10 is almost ready. Some rather significant changes since beta9:

  • Libnet is now completely optional. I’ve created an abstraction layer supporting BSD’s BPF, Linux’s PF_PACKET, libpcap’s pcap_inject() and libnet’s packet injection methods. So while you can still use libnet, in many cases you won’t need it which should hopefully make installation a lot easier for many people.
  • tcpprep and tcprewrite no longer need to run as root. tcpreplay still does for obvious reasons.
  • A new and improved packet timing method is available in tcpreplay. Those people needing more accurate inter-packet delays should be better served by this method.
  • tcprewrite now can skip rewriting broadcast/multicast IP and MAC addresses which is good news when your pcap contains ARP’s or DHCP packets.
  • Various smaller bug fixes which some people noticed and some people didn’t.

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