41 downloads/day?

I was just browsing SourceForge and noticed that they seem to have (finally) fixed the project stats. Anyways, I decided to check out the tcpreplay stats for the last two months. Did the math and people are downloading tcpreplay 40.9 times on average per day. Wow. Honestly, I didn’t think there were close to that many people downloading the source code… after all most people can get tcpreplay from BSD ports, RPM or the like.

Anyways, short status update. I had hoped to work on tcpreplay over the holidays last month, but was too burnt out to do any coding. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some time soon to continue the work on the DLT plugins. On a side note, I found someone else is working on a similar suite: Bit-Twist. Looks like he’s made some good progress in under a year.

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