3.3.2 is out the door

I released Tcpreplay 3.3.2 today. Almost all the bugs fixed and enhancements in this release were requested by users, so a big thanks to everyone who opened a ticket or emailed me their suggestions/bug reports.

06/20/2008: Version 3.3.2
    - Fix (again) tcpbridge --unidir assert error (#308)
    - Fix tcpbridge bug where all packets that were sent were all zeros
    - Fix tcpbridge not honoring --include/exclude flags (#311)
    - Fix ip_in_cidr() debug messages (#312)
    - Report packets which have timestamps which go backwards in time (#315)
    - Clean up --sleep-accel code to use options struct (#316)
    - Remove really old and out of date RPM .spec file (#317)
    - Warn when sending on non-Ethernet interface (#318)
    - Re-enable tcpreplay --listnics (#319)
    - Fix sendpacket always reporting using PF_PACKET, even when it doesn't (#322)
    - Fix major packet timing issue under old versions of glibc (#324)

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