3.0 out this year (I hope)

Well looks like all the critical bugs with the tcpreplay 3.0.beta8 were fixed in beta9 (at least everyone has stopped complaining), and so I’ve started working on beta10 which should hopefully be the final beta release for 3.0. Mostly the goal of beta10 is to remove libnet as a dependancy which should make compiling tcpreplay much easier for many people.

After beta10, I’ve scheduled one release candidate for early October to finish up tcpbridge and hopefully the offical 3.0 release will go out in early November. So based on past experiance and schedule slippages, I’d guess we’ll see 3.0 sometime around Christmas. :)

Either way, just want to remind everyone to keep those bug reports and feature requests coming in.

3 thoughts on “3.0 out this year (I hope)

  1. Hi
    I would like to use TCPReplay as a tool for testing our software’s capability to detect a replay attack. From the website, I saw that TCPReplay is BSD licensed and that is all about the license informaiton. I am wondering that if there is more license restrictin that I should know before I try to use it . Or BSD licensed is enough?


  2. Hi Weihsin,

    The full license is spelled out along with the source code (see docs/LICENSE) and on the website (linked off of the Frequently Asked Questions section):


    But yes, tcpreplay is mostly a 3 clause BSD license. Some parts have been copied from other projects and are a 4 clause BSD license- the appropriate source files have the comments at the top to tell you.

    Regardless, if you’re just running tcpreplay internally (not redistributing it), then you prolly don’t care.


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