Rails 2.1

I’ve successfully migrated Cabernet over to Rails 2.1. Not being a power-rails developer, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot that has changed. Most of the API remains the same, and the one thing that’s changed (pagination) has been replaced with an easier to use module (will_paginate).

That said, I’ve also taken the time to bang out a few new features and bug fixes. Tracking what wine you drink is now done via the Bottles screen (since you drink bottles not arbitrary wines) and when drinking or removing a bottle, you get a nice reminder where the bottle came from- great for people like me who have poor short term memory.

Also, I’ve been looking at Passenger, a simple to deploy Rails environment for Apache. Right now though, it seems that Rails applications are difficult to package up and deploy. Hopefully with Passenger and some simple scripting, I can come up with a nice solution and make a beta available soon.

Of course, the one big issue with Cabernet is that it’s about as attractive as Jabba the Hut. Not sure how I’m going to fix that, since it’s clear this is one area that I suck pretty badly at. Right now I’m hoping the beta gets enough interest that someone comes along to help. If you’re interested in showing off your CSS-fu, then let me know!

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