Cabernet isn’t dead

With tcpreplay 3.3.2 development wrapping up, I think I’ll take a break from C and concentrate on Ruby. I’m still using Cabernet and with Passenger, it looks like my goal of distributing a Rails application is finally doable. So that means getting Cabernet ready for Rails 2.1 and of course cleaning up the UI so it’s not so horribly ugly.

Yes, once again, I’ve proven to the world that nobody should ever ask me to develop a UI. (Last I heard, Juniper is still using the ACM for the IDP product. WTF?) I can’t really explain why, but clearly I have a bad eye for user interfaces and I fail horribly at basic implementation. I can’t even copy & paste correctly (obvious since the menus which I copied from Trac don’t look right). *sigh* Anyways, hopefully porting to 2.1 will give me the incentive to clean the code up a little, release it to the world and maybe get a few other people using it. If I’m lucky, I might even find a UI person to help out. (hint, hint, hint)

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