Boxee: What AppleTV should of been

So I just got an Apple TV. Honestly, even after paying 30% less for a refurb and getting free shipping, I’m not that impressed. For $300 I’d expect a device to support more file formats and the tight link to iTunes to a single iTunes database is annoying in a multi-computer household like ours.

That’s where Boxee comes in. Boxee adds support for a lot more content available for free on the internet like Hulu, but many more media formats (like avi and DVD ISO’s for example) then what iTunes/AppleTV support naively.

Boxee also has an excellent user interface which is both very powerful and easy to use. Also, Boxee was *very* easy to install on my AppleTV using ATV USB Creator.

So if you’re looking for a way to get your media content to your TV or add support for internet streaming like Hulu, and Youtube, then I highly recommend the AppleTV + Boxee solution.

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